" No one ever asked me how it felt to be me, but when I told the truth about that; I felt free!" -The Help

Friday, March 1, 2013


Don't worry, I haven't started selling Mary Kay or Avon, so feel free to keep reading.  This is not a high pressure sales pitch. Or, a sales pitch at all.

My husband has been included in a fair amount of criticism lately.  He has always been one on our church staff to push the envelope a bit and to ask the tough questions.  As of the last couple months along with the critism he has also been given a piece of the "blame" pie as well. Oh.fun. 

The funny annoying thing is, most of the changes that have been getting push back  are purely cosmetic.  And by cosmetic, I mean actually cosmetic. As in changes in the way something in the church building looks.  It is not as if there has been a move toward changing the mission of the church or the name of the church or the fact that we worship a great and mighty God.  We are talking about visual changes in a church building.  A…..building.

I guess I must be a little to protective of him. I get nauseated and sweaty and irritated and want to slap someone (in Jesus’s name of course) when I see the weight he carries for some of these things.  My husband is just the opposite, he doesn't see it as a weight to bear; he sees it as an opportunity to love people through their differences.  Huh?! Oh man...he is totally a pastor. I am totally not. A couple of nights ago I asked him how he deals with the criticism that comes across his desk.  You know what he said?  Unbelievable.  He said to me, “I would rather take the criticism for change than to be part of a church that is not moving at all.”  Whew….the Joye translation, "I would rather be making waves with my movement than drowning in a still pond.”   So, I guess it is in my best interest to put my boxing gloves away and realize that criticism in ministry is nothing new. In Jesus’ ministry He was criticized for nearly everything he did, so much so that he was criticized to His death.  Talk about making waves.  If we truly are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps I guess I should expect the criticism.  Maybe that means he is doing something right….maybe.

Keep your fingers crossed in the next couple of weeks...my husband bought new glasses.  They are going to change his "look."  I am concerned about the riots that might ensue regarding his cosmetic change, it could get ugly.