" No one ever asked me how it felt to be me, but when I told the truth about that; I felt free!" -The Help

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

....And other duties as assigned....

Ladies and Gentlemen....I am back!  By popular demand The one fan I have has requested that I start blogging again.  (Hi mom!) So here I am.

I realize I haven't blogged in a looooooong time.  I could try to catch you up on the awesomeness  boring every day-ness that is my life but I fear I might lose you.  So, if you care enough want to humor me, feel free to look through my Facebook posts and you will get a pretty good glimpse of what I am up to.  Yep! I am lazy. 

Have you ever applied for a job, or looked at your own job description and seen the phrase "Other duties as assigned?"  Right??!  What does that even mean?  It would be more accurate to write, "You will be doing things you never dreamed you would do. In fact, most of these things we can't even write on this job description because if we do no one will take this job. Also, most of these things are things that will catch you by surprise and might cause you to roll your eyes be grateful you have a job."

So without further ado...my list of pastor's wives "Other duties as assigned..."

*Reminding Telling your husband about church members' big moments. Birthdays, surgeries, babies being born, etc.  

*Being the one to stay home with sick kids on Sundays.  Unless your husband want to use a vacation Sunday to be home with a puking baby, it will be your turn to stay home with the sick child. Every.Time. 

*Helping with special events at church. After all, you will be at the church anyway, it shouldn't be a big deal to help out with the event right?!  Wrong.  I mean...yes, sign me up!

*Listening Overhearing people in the church talk negatively about your husband and or other staff members while keeping your cool and not punching them in the face praying for those people.  Also, you will be required to act natural if anyone asks if you have heard anything about said gossip.  

*DVR-ing TV shows for other staff members who don't have cable.   It's a ministry people, ok??! 

*Be super duper luper excited to see someone from the church at Walmart, Thai Express, Chapala or Costco.  Especially if you are having a bad day.  Even more especially if you are praying your card is approved at the register.  One week until payday. 

*Being a guest speaker at your local University, especially if you are scared to death of speaking in front of people.  Also, when you get there the professor will probably let you know he will be recording the session to post online.  Awesome.  Do I get paid extra anything for that??!

And yet somehow I keep doing it, loving it and being blessed by it all!!!

Must be a God thing.


  1. Hey! I'm a fan! You make me laugh...and remind me not to be that person taking advantage of my pastors and their families! I enjoy your wit and willingness to be so open. Welcome back! Woohoo!

  2. I am a fan. This sounded so like you. It was fabulous. Bless you for your roll
    Janet g