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Monday, October 3, 2011

Garbage man

First, I must warn you...if you read my husband's blog this post is going to sound familiar.

A couple Saturday mornings ago my husband took our oldest son on a service project with our church.  They walked along the river in our town and picked up trash.  When they got home not much was said about it by our son.  He mostly talked about the bee hive his cousin got into and how there were "humongous bees everywhere!"  I thought to myself, "Welp, another Saturday morning in the books."  I think I might have even been slightly annoyed that we were not able to go as a family, as I didn't feel super confident that my 5 month old would enjoy the experience.

Man, I hate am so thankful when God gives us a loving little "told you so" moment.  And here it came...On Saturday night my sister babysat the boys for us while we went out to dinner with some dear friends. (Thank you sis!)  When we got home we asked our son what they had done that night.  He proceeded to bring us a bag of trash and weeds.  Hmmm....I was thinking to myself, "Excellent, my son dug through the trash while we were gone. sick.sick sick!"  My sister said "tell them where we got the trash.."  Our son proceeded to tell us that he and my sister were on their way to our neighborhood park when he noticed lots of weeds and trash along the way.  He asked my sister if they could go home  and get a bag and pick it up.  He.is.4.years.old.  Unreal!  They spent over an hour walking through our neighborhood weeding and picking up trash. Talk about a proud mommy moment!  Apparently, the Saturday morning service project had more of an impact on him than this mommy gave it credit for, and I stand humbled. Obviously our kids are watching us. Whether we like it or not. Whether we are being good examples or bad. Whether we do the right thing or we don't. Whether we spend our Saturday morning picking up trash or we stay at home at watch cartoons. THEY.ARE.WATCHING!

Man, I gota lot of work to do if I am going to be the kind of example I want my kids to follow. And quite frankly..I better get picking up some trash of my own!

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