" No one ever asked me how it felt to be me, but when I told the truth about that; I felt free!" -The Help

Friday, October 7, 2011


Sometimes I just have to laugh. Not always out loud.  At work we have come up with a new acronym. Instead of using LOL we have started using LIMH (laughing in my head). The other day I just had to LIMH.  There was nothing else I could do.
I was walking into the church trying to get my kids to their classes and someone stopped me and said “Do you know where the something  something class is?”  I said “I have no idea”- The person looked at me and said “you really don’t know?” as if to imply I was just teasing him.  I said, “Seriously, I have no clue” He looked at me and said “OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW”…then he walked off LOL-ing.  I found myself standing there going….what.just.happened?!  Talk about a stereotype of a pastor’s wife! After my initial annoyance I just had to LIMH.  In hind sight I wish I would have said. “Do you know the square root of 456?” When he said “no” I would have said, “what? You of all people…your wife is a math teacher!”  (for the record his wife isn’t really a math teacher J)
As you know, I don’t know a lot about this ministry life, but, I have been around long enough to know what things are worth fighting for and what things I just have to LIMH about.  My husband and I have a motto that we try very hard to live by, it is “Pick your Battles”.  Someday I will blog about which battles we have chosen to pick and which we have chosen to let be.  The question of where things are in the church is a battle I have chosen not to pick, I don’t have time to pick that battle, it happens way too often! 
So next time you get asked a “you of all people should know…” type of a question, just LIYH, that’s really all you can do. Then, comment on this post and tell all of us about it so we can LOL!''

Btw, if your one of the people who asks me those questions,  it's really OK. I am happy to help if I can.  But, you have been warned I might LIMH about it later....or, share it on my blog!


  1. I get a lot of "You don't sing in the choir? Why don't you sing in the choir?" You should sing in the choir! Weren't you a music major? You of all people should sing in the choir!" And on and on...4 years later and I'm not in choir. ;)

  2. Here's my favorite one. As I was coming up the stairs from working in Kids Church one Sunday, a grumpy old lady confronted me to complain about the new check-in policy for the children. She went on and on about how inconvenient the procedure was when she had to pick up her grandchild. I bit my lip and listened briefly, and then I politely responded, "Wow, I'm surprised you're unhappy. I'm thrilled with the check-in because I want to do whatever it takes to keep my son safe!" She then proceeded to mock me by repeating my statement back with a mocking tone. Then she said, "This is all your husband's fault!" At that point, I walked away... because I knew if I didn't walk away immediately, I'd push her wrinkly butt down the stairs! How's that for the saintly attitude of a pastor's wife?! (Seriously, that woman is lucky she survived.)