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Friday, May 4, 2012

HOLY! Week

Well, well, look at that…another month has passed and look who hasn’t blogged. I feel like a broken record when I say “things have been crazy around here,” but it’s the truth.

Holy week came and went. It seems to do that every year. What’s the deal with Holy Week anyway? I think it should be re-named “Satan attacks families in ministry” week. Seriously.

Holy Week is like Super Bowl week for pastors. It starts with the setting up of the “Stations of the Cross” on Monday, moves to rehearsal for the week’s events on Tuesday night, shopping for the all church Easter breakfast on Wednesday night, conducting the Maundy Thursday service on Thursday night, Good Friday service on Friday night, all church Easter egg hunt, soccer game, family Easter celebration on Saturday, making breakfast for the entire church on Sunday morning, Easter sunrise service, Sunday school, church service, company for lunch, and….collapsing. Oh, and I forgot to mention, anything that could possibly go wrong in life probably will. You know, like the offer on your house that has been up for sale for 6 months is denied, your son has a major, heartbreaking issue at daycare and oh yes…Jazbar’s death. How ironic is that? Jazbar died on Good Friday. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor or I might have been a little creeped out by the symbolism of that. (Sidenote: If you don’t know who Jazbar is please read my Jazbar post.)

Needless to say, by about Wednesday I was one tired mama. By the looks of the face book posts of many of my friends in ministry, I was not the only one feeling that way! I was fading fast and was in the beginning stages of bitterness. I had shared with my sister that I didn’t think people in the church (any church) realize the sacrifices families in ministry make during Holy Week. You know what her response was? She told me something I will never forget. She told me that she thinks I am exactly right, that people don’t understand the sacrifices ministry families make, but she said she is SO glad they don’t. Huh??! What does that mean? She went on to tell me how she thinks it is a good thing that people don’t know the sacrifices made because it might cause them to feel guilty or take away from their Holy Week experience. I mean, if I knew the service I was enjoying was at the sacrifice of a family’s time together I don’t think I would be able to fully experience the joy of the service. Further, she reminded me that the reason we are in ministry is to provide a meaningful place for people to meet Jesus face to face. Isn’t that the truth???

Once again, I stand reminded of the reason we are on this crazy journey called ministry. The days when I am feeling like “no one understands” I quietly remind myself...”and that’s probably a good thing.” I never want my temporary feelings of being overwhelmed to affect someone’s eternal experience of meeting Jesus face to face in a service. I am sure I will need many more reminders throughout this journey. In fact, I might just set a task to read this post on the Wednesday of Holy Week every year.  


  1. I really, really, REALLY needed to hear this. You might be writing this blog just for me...

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  3. I wrote about this on my blog in 2010... http://www.melindawolfmiller.blogspot.com/2010/04/holy-busy-week.html