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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just ANOTHER manic monday...

Oh...Doctors. Oh how I loathe thee. Except for my OB who is FABULOUS! But other than that I am not a fan of any doctor or dentist or really anyone whose primary purpose in life is to poke and prod at any part of my body and then take all the money that was in my savings account. Thank you very much.

Today, both my boys had "well baby" visits. In reality they should probably be called "your kid hasn't been sick for a while so bring them into our germy office and have them touch everything that the kid with phnemonia has been touching so your kid can be sick in a couple days too" visit. P.S. I always give my kids bath after being at the doctor...cuz, you know...that will surely wash the germs away.

Anyway...So, both boys...at the doctor. Can I just say I love our pediatrician! She is a quirky awesome lady who looks so much like lady gaga it's scary. She is such an amazing doctor though and we have had our fair share of time to get to know her. Maybe someday I will blog about our first 2 years with our oldest son, but not today. Ok, so we are still at the doctor. She goes through the whole thing..your kids are tall, they have huge heads, they are very smart, one of them looks more hispanic than the other...bla bla bla. And then...she quizzes our four year old. "What do you wear when you ride a bike?" He says "helmet" whew...one down. "what should you wear when you are in the car?" "seatbelt" whew...two down. "What is the number you should call when there is an emergency?" "Mcqueen, lightyear pee-pee" Um....yeah. not exactly son. So apparently 4 years old is a good time to teach your child about 911. We will be working on that next monday apparently. Then, she drops the bomb. She tells our son "I'm sorry but I am going to have to give you a couple shots so that you can stay healthy" His face goes white as a ghost. "Is it going to hurt?" She doesn't even lie, she says "yeah, it will hurt but only for a second." My husband proceeds to bear hug him and hold him down while the nurse gives him not 1 shot, not 2 shots, not 3 shots but 4 stinkin shots!!! Good night people...can you figure out how to combine these things into one mama shot? Poor kid. We promised him ice cream afterwards so we proceeded to uswirl where you can hear people getting fatter by the spoonful.

Then, it was my turn...dun dun dun. Eye doctor for me. Which, btw I hate that I have to go every year to get my contact prescription renewed. Seems like every two years would suffice. And that...is why I am not a doctor. So I go to the eye doctor, everythings fine, Then, she drops the bomb. "I am going to have to dialate your eyes." Ugh. Let me just tell you driving home with dialated eyes is neither fun nor safe. To top it all off I literally could not read the 4 texts I got while in the doctors office. I also could not read the card machine to type in my pin to pay for the appointment. Ya... I Probably shouldn't have been driving.

All in a "stay home mommy day." Stay tuned for next Monday's manic-ness. (is that a word?)

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  1. I was wondering which ped you go to until the Lady Gaga reference. Awesome.