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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our dirty laundry

About a month ago we were at my husband's parent's house having lunch with several of his family members. Some how the topic of laundry came up.  The moms were talking about how they feel they have a constant load of laundry running, the dads were saying nothing.  I spoke up and declared that I do not do my husband's laundry. Silence. Complete and utter silence. My husband's gramma spoke up in complete and utter shock and said "WHAT??!! You don't do his laundry??  Well, what DO you DO then?  I have never heard of a wife that doesn't do her husband's laundry!"  Guess what Gramma, you have now!  I have never done his laundry. Never. Not when we were dating, not when we first got married, not when I worked only part time, not when I was on maternity leave eating bon bons for 3 months. Never.

See, I do my laundry every week on Mondays. "Stay at home mommy day."  I use that time to do my laundry that has piled up since the last Monday. I also do the boys laundry on that day. My husband on the other hand, he does not use his day off to do his laundry.  He is usually doing something a bit more exciting, like working from home...on his day off.  Let's be honest, he does have an advantage in that he has literally hundreds of camp, retreat, mission trip and special event t-shirts he is able to cycle through. He also has a job where he can wear t-shirts to work on most days.  I, on the other hand, am only allowed to wear t-shirts to work once a year when BSU is playing U of I.

So there you have it, you want me to air our dirty laundry?  There it is...I don't do my husbands laundry. And quite frankly...I am ok with it.  Some pastors wife huh?

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  1. ME EITHER! I do mine and and kids and Jeff does his own. I am ALSO okay with that. I love this blog Joye. Thanks for making me feel like a human instead of a mutant trying to fit a pastor's wife mold. (Is is bad to say I felt a tiny sense of relief to be free of that expectation for a while? Well, there it is.)