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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday=the day before Sunday

I have mixed emotions about Saturdays. Actually it really depends on what is going on that particular Saturday. I thoroughly enjoy Saturdays like today where I got to sleep in (thank you husband!). We also got to go watch a nephew's soccer game. Then, we went out to lunch- Let me clarify...we drove through sonic and got lunch. Then, we met our good friend at Costco and got stocked up for the week.
What a fun day to just hang out as a family. Some Saturdays are a little less low key. For example, last Saturday my husband and oldest son went to do a service project with the church. They picked up trash along the river. It was a great little project for our son and they both enjoyed themselves. It's always fun to be able to be involved in community projects like that.

Then, the inevitable. "Honey, I really need to go the church sometime today to set up for tomorrow." Of course you do. I try really hard to put my initial feelings aside at these moments. There is usually at least an eye roll of some point if I am being honest. It goes back to the filter thing :) It's not that I am bitter or upset that he has to go to the church, it is just that sometimes it feels like a momentum killer in our day. It isn't my husband's fault and nothing he does makes it feel that way, it is just my own personal deal. I try so hard to make sure my kids don't sense the slight inconvenience in my voice. They don't need to know. So, we simply say daddy has to run to the church really quick while we have rest time. And that is what I need...rest time. Time to realize that it really isn't all that bad. And today, I got lucky...both boys slept and I got a few moments to myself to watch the food network. I know, I know I could have been doing a million other things during that time. But guess what? I didn't. All I wanted to do is watch a little Triple D. And now, both boys are up and my husbands home. I am sure the rooms look beautiful for tomorrow honey. And we all got a few moments of quiet time so that we can continue our Saturday as a family.

P.S. You should be proud, we got out of Costco only spending $50...boo-ya!

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  1. This made me laugh...at the very minute I was reading this, Luke was out the door to head to the church to get it all set up for tomorrow...not to mention leaving two hours in the morning before it even starts :).