" No one ever asked me how it felt to be me, but when I told the truth about that; I felt free!" -The Help

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Looking for community..

Well, here it is...a dream of mine fulfilled. I have been wanting to start a blog for pastors wives for a long time. I finally got up the courage...probably because I finally feel like my husband's job is secure enough that I can't get him fired.

My hope is that this will become a place of community, hope, laughter, tears and a whole lot of love for those of us who call ourselves pastor's wives. Or, in my case who OTHERS call a pastors wife.  I never thought in a millions years I would be on this side of ministry. Never.Ever. But, here I am...and I am longing for a community of people who share similar joys and struggles with me. Being the wife of a pastor is a special calling, and one that has experiences that many times only those who are in the trenches of ministry understand.

Please feel free to comment or e-mail me if there is a "topic" you would like to discuss or would like us to try to blog about. Trust me...I don't know everything, in fact there is a whole lot of stuff I DON'T know! But, I do know that having a community to be real with is a Jesus idea. So...let's do it ladies!!

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